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Step 10 Workshop

12-Step Workshop: What it really means to turn your will and your life over to the care of your God.

  • 30 minutes
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  • In-Person/Hybrid

Service Description

**30-Minute Introductory session to discuss your particular needs pertaining to this service** - Thorough review of the literature to provide a deeper understanding of it - Review of Step 3 and what it really means - Review of Steps 4 & 5 and what they actually reveal in regards to self will and a Higher Power/Gods will - Review of Step 6 and discussions about the importance of understanding this persistent, consistent, commitment to change - Emphasis on building of character and finding humility through Step 6 & 7 Review of Step 7/humility and what a genuine reliance on a Higher Power/God can gift you - Understanding the three phases of humility, how to get to and live in phase 3 (where the gifts of recovery really are) - Understanding the step 7 promises - The difference between shortcomings and character defects - Review and application of Tradition 7 into Step 7 and how it correlates directly with this Step. - Review of Steps 8 & 9 - Heavy work on Steps 3 & 6/7 and turning your will and your life over. Going over the clear cut directions of Step 10 - Understanding step 10 as the self sacrifice step, discussion on unselfish constructive action and what it means - Practicing the principles in all affairs using step 10 with discussions on the 12th step - Review and application of tradition 10 into step 10 and how it correlates directly with step 10 - Understanding why step 10 is entering into the world of the spirit - Understanding how step 11 is effective or less effective when using step 10 or not using step 10

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