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Meet Bill Ward, a devoted Cree community liaison and recovery activist residing in traditional treaty seven & eight territory. With a focus on addressing addictions and promoting holistic health, Bill's expertise lies in tackling the manifestation of substance addiction.


His approach to mental health and addiction work centers around placing Creator or a higher power at the core of the recovery process, guiding individuals to embrace vulnerability and reconnect with their spirit.

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My Story

Bill's invaluable contributions have predominantly taken place within community initiatives, positively impacting countless lives. He is recognized as a natural leader and visionary, shaping the direction of his work beyond immediate circumstances. In his personal life, Bill cherishes his role as a loving father to three daughters, embodying the values he advocates.


Reflecting on his own journey, Bill initially hid his Indigenous/First Nation heritage due to societal pressure and shame. However, he eventually embraced his identity and embarked on a transformative path of recovery and self-discovery. Now, he strives to empower individuals, sharing his own imperfect experiences to inspire others to find a new way and pursue personal, family, and social harmony.


Join Bill on this transformative journey and tap into the power within yourself to overcome challenges and create a life of meaning and fulfillment. Are you ready to embrace vulnerability and reconnect with your spirit?


Together, we can embark on a path of healing and personal growth.

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