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One-On-One Recovery Mentorship Program

A recovery momentum and beginning stages of healing program.

  • 30 minutes
  • Contact For Quote
  • In-Person/Hybrid

Service Description

**30-Minute Introductory session to discuss your particular needs pertaining to this service** Adhering to my philosophy of, One person, One family, One community at a time, it all starts with the individual There are many components to this process, and although the process is fairly straight forward , all people are different and must be met where they are at. The length of time it takes will vary but with a consistent commitment from them and myself. My guess is, they would be well on their way within 4 months depending on their willingness, open mindedness and honesty. Of which, these principles should expand as we move through the processes. Using my life experience, my experience working one on one and over 25,000 hours of building intimate, trusting relationships, along with a sharpened intuition which guides the process, I will lovingly guide and mentor each individual in the best way I can to build a relationship with the Creator (the solution). Ultimately an authentic relationship with themselves. The hope would be, no more desire to pick up substances because the Spiritual Malady will be lessened and the illness more understood hence, willingness to work their program of recovery.

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