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"I was trying to stay sober and better my life for 10 years with some recovery, but never had a transformation that I desperately needed. After working with Bill every aspect of my spiritually, mentally and emotionally has taken a drastic change for the better. I can't express enough gratitude for this man and the work and effort he has put into helping people."


- Calgary, Alberta

"For years I was lost in fear and loneliness. Unable to stop using substances and constantly ruining my life and hurting others. I met Bill and he guided me to a place in life where I can use my God given abilities to not only live without fear and substances, I can be of use to my fellow man."

Mike G.
- Ontario, Canada

“I can barely put into words how much of a gift Bill has been in my life and recovery journey. I was looking for a no "bull$&#%" mentor to help me see the truth in my life. I couldn't do drugs or drink anymore. It was killing me... but I didn't have the self-power to change. I still don't have that power... Bill showed me how to begin living an honest life and find a Power outside of myself!"


- Calgary, Alberta

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